Onboarding & Activation Emails

Nudging desired behaviours from Credit Card customers

As Lead Digital Designer in

May - August 2016

(4 months) for New Day


The business was engaged with New Day to support their Onboarding and Activation customer journeys using the email channel. The requirement was to create a suite of emails which would support the most desirable behaviours through the onboarding funnel, and to nudge customers to activate. The intention was also to remind customers to create ‘front-of-wallet’ behaviours.

The project entailed the duplication of the same content, but across 16 Brands under New Day’s Credit Card range.

My Role

I was the Lead Digital Designer on this project, and I both designed and built most of the templates alongside my colleagues within the team. Profiled below is examples of one of the email templates I worked on specifically for New Day.

Final Email Designs

Because each Brand had different conventions, but the content remained the same as part of the onboarding process, an initial prototype was created, alongside other email templates for each stage in the journey. The brief was quite open, which allowed for the freedom to perform Content Design on the template.

Once the templated content was approved by NewDay, it was then possible to proceed to originating the design routes based upon each specific Brand.

We spent a significant amount of time looking through Brand Guideline documents, as well as acquiring licences for particular typefaces and brand assets.

We then proceeded to originate concepts for each of the 16 Brands.