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International Journal of Sports Sciences (2016)
Aristotelian Science behind Medieval European Martial Art

Team Design - How do we know when we have the right skills in the room?

Universal Experience Systems (UXS) - Treating people how they should be treated, in any medium, at any time, in any place

Work-culture as constraint - How reality is shaped by the shared experiences of us all

Market Systemics - Using Cybernetics to understand the past, present and future of business

Sun Tzu’s Art of UX - The martial arts, and their application to UX Design

Owning the means of production - The rise of monopolies in controlling modern life

Comparative Design: Stoicism - Stoicism as a lens through which to view the practice of Design

Lean Everything - The rise of Taylorism & Toyotaism in modern business

Epistemology for Profit - The appropriation of Epistemology and subjectivism for business advantage

Ideal-centred Design - Using Idealism as a means of modelling value-creation

The importance of a Suffix - Centred, Driven, Lead, Aligned, Informed or Focussed? What do these terms actually mean for how we structure working cultures?

On the Nature of Experience - The philosophical basis for the field of User Experience (UX) Design