Peer-reviewed Scientific Periodicals & Journals


  1. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2008); The Epistemology of Historical Combat Systems
  2. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2009); German Commonplace or Customary fencing (Critical edition): A cross-comparison between sources on English Two-hand Sword, German Zweihander, Spanish Montante & Italian Spadone (Privately disseminated, included translation. Revised 2014)
  3. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2011); BEST 7020, Köln fechtbuch (translation)
  4. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2012); De Veris Principiis Artis Dimicatoria (The True Principles of the Art of Combat): A Short Treatise by Henry Von Gunterrodt dated 1579 (full Latin transcription)
  5. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2012); MS GBf18a: Fightlore of Magister Beringois (transcription & Stemmatology with Hans Folz account, identification of new sub-tradition, original 2012 paper)
  6. James Wallhausen (pseudonym) (2012); Cod. Guelf. 38.21 Aug. 2°: Messerfechtens of David Lienhart Sollinger (transcription – back online shortly, Wiktenauer listing)
  7. Wallhausen, J (2011, rev. 2012); The Cybernetics of the Martial Arts
  8. Wallhausen, J (2011, rev. 2012); Risk in Hand-to-Hand Combat: Applying an Operational Risk Assessment Model to better understand the function of Martial Arts
  9. Wallhausen, J (2011, rev. 2012); Somatotype and Martial Arts (online shortly)
  10. Wallhausen, J (2011, rev. 2012); The COSTAC Method
  11. Wallhausen, J (2011, rev. 2012); Kinesthesis as the Basis for Timing in Martial Arts (online shortly)
  12. Jamie Acutt (2014); Johannes Liechtenauer: An investigation into the sociology behind the witnesses of the German corpus
  13. Jamie Acutt (2014); Liechtenauer the Scholastic: A Study of Aristotelian Scholasticism and how it relates to framing the topics covered by the Liechtenauer corpus
  14. Jamie Acutt (2016); A Statistical Analysis of the Martial Art presented in the Liechtenauer fechtbücher
  15. Jamie Acutt (2016); German Sword & Buckler Fencing (Critical Edition)
  16. Jamie Acutt (2016); The Liechtenauer Playbook
  17. Jamie Acutt (2016); Unknown & Lost German Fencing Manuscripts

Additional activities

  1. Foundation of ‘New Chivalry’ as an updated Holistic approach to an Historical Combat System
  2. Foundation of The ‘Devonshire Wrestling Society’ as a recreational and reconstructionist group for a traditional Devon martial art.
  3. Suggested to Professor Kernspecht Dr.Sc. that he name his book after the Fight-Logic Concept – Which he did (Kampf-logik 3: Die Praxis des Treffens & Nicht-getroffen-werdens) including reference to me, pp.322.
  4. Discovered & transcribed Ms. GBf18.a, which included a fragment of the a fight-verse from ‘Magister Beringois’ (‘Fightlore of Beringois MS GBf18a’)
  5. Discovered & transcribed Cod. Guelf. 38.21 Aug. 2°, which included the only known work attributed to David Lienhart Sollinger
  6. Translated all German manuscripts on Fencing pre-dating 1600 (privately published)
    1. (2015), Warbook: Complete translation of the Works of Ludwig von Eyb (A full translation of Ludwig (VI) von Eyb zum Hartenstein’s 1511 Kriegsbuch (Warbook), based upon the Signatur Ms. B 26 of Universitäts-Bibliothek-Erlangen. Using original scans by permission of Universitäts-Bibliothek-Erlangen.)
    2. (2012) Bestellen 7020 translation
    3. The Seven Stances of Hans Medel (translation from Engstrom transcription)
    4. Fechtspruch (Hans Sachs, transcription and translation – privately disseminated)
    5. Fechtlied of Hans Folz (MS Q.566) (transcription, translation and Biography)
    6. Reichsstadt “Schätze” Nr. 82 (transcription – privately disseminated)
    7. Discovery of a reference to the Fechtbuch of Hans Entner
    8. Critical Edition of the Gladiatoria Manuscripts (transcription and translation)
    9. Critical Edition of the Talhoffer Manuscripts (transcription and translation)
    10. Martin Syber Fechtlehre (transcription and translation)
    11. Nicolaüs Augsburger (transcription and translation)
    12. Hugo Wittenwiler (partial translation, Long Sword section)
    13. Jobst von Württemberg (translation)
    14. Hans Czyner (translation, based upon Bergner & Giessauf (2006) Wurgegriff und Mordschlag)
    15. Additional: Ein khurtzer Vnderricht vnd Einleydung wie fortheyl Im ringen zu geprauchen sey (Wassmansdorff, (Bl. 93a)) (transcription and translation of Wrestling teachings)
    16. Additional: Karl Wassmannsdorff, Sechs Fechtschulen, Heidelberg (transcription
  7. Cross-comparison of techniques identifed using the Paleoeskirmological Method

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